Posted by: xph03nix | June 23, 2011

busy busy busy

I am starting this blog again to help keep my life organised, give me a place to vent, and to help remind me of things that have happened, because we all know I have a rubbish memory!

Things have been going crazy lately. I’ve totally taken up geocaching, mostly with my dear mother (just so I can pilfer her new GPS system!) though I think it has turned into a little bit of a competition between who can get the most… sadly I think it’s going to end up being her until I can get my own GPS or iphone :[ She’s even set up a series of her own with 4 caches around the village in places we normally take our geopuppy out to. It’s nice to have an excuse to go for more walks, even ones in the city and suburbs, else it can get quite boring sitting at home all of ze time.

Jim and I have also been sorting out the future and are finally beginning to make it the present! Since we got back from travelling Jim has managed to get a job in Plymouth with Grosvenor casino, and he’s been sleeping on the sofa in the house he used to rent. Except he’s now realised it’s fairly manky, as I told him all along :] We were talking the other day and I suddenly realised that there is no point in me putting off going down there too – he has to sign a 6 month contract where he is now on the 2nd because that’s when a bedroom becomes available. SO instead of him being made to stay somewhere he doesn’t want to, and me moving down in like 2 months when I have plenty of money, I figured – why not go now? Fair enough I don’t have as much money as I would have liked, but I have enough. SO on Monday I lined up a bunch of places to look, yesterday I did that and by 6pm I had found us a room in a houseshare for just £400 per month. So for £200 a month I am sorted for a roof over my head and all bills, with my lovely blokey in a city that we both love. Exciting times!!

Now I just have to find a job…

Our friends Joe and Amy had their baby girl Mia on Tuesday morning and we went to visit her today, she’s is GORGEOUS and uber-tiny, though she has huge wrinkly hands that are a bit freaky :] I took the hat down that I had managed to crochet, but I have not yet finished the blanket and cardigan because I am that shite, and frankly booties are still beyond me… I followed the pattern and they’re so tiny, no foot could fit in there, not even a 2 day old one! Will have to give that one another go, methinks…


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