Posted by: xph03nix | June 24, 2011

I’m too blah to think of a title

Hmm, well nothing particularly interesting happened today. I went to work and it was the same as usual. Some bloke wanted me to stop some kid jumping on chairs so he didn’t hurt himself. I pointed out that he had his parents around him, they could sort it out if they wanted to. Apparently it was a ‘safety risk’. Only to the kid himself, I thought, so who cares? If the plonker wants to break a bone, let him go for it. This is pretty much the cynical mood I’ve been in all day – facebook comments will prove it :].

I am pondering starting the last section on the baby cardigan I want to make, but I have to be up at 7.20 am so I can do the breakfast shift at work so I don’t really want to do anything now. But I am doing the same on Sunday, and if I keep on like this, nothing will get done, will it? So… I best tootle off and watch a bit of Neighbours / Jamie Hits Hollywood / Glee and see how things progress. No doubt I shall be back soon, moaning how crochet patterns make no sense…

Also, I might give this a go. Wonder what colour though…


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