Posted by: xph03nix | June 26, 2011

at last…

I got to finish work at 1pm, it was so baking hot outside that no one wanted carvery (woot) and we were practically dead. So yay. Spent the afternoon doing some geocaching with me dear ma ma, did a bunch that I’d already done and she hadn’t and then a few more to make up a series with a bunch of questions to find the last one. Was an effort, we got the wrong co ords because I maintain that the questions were wrong, but whatever.

Have been trying to choose where to go skiing since then, had a BBQ with the fam which was lovely, sorted a few things from the attic ready to take to Plymouth next monday, and have since been finishing off Mia’s cardigan and watching Beyonce totally own Glastonbury. My god she’s amazing. wish I could shake it like that! Never thought she could do so good but she’s been better than anyone else I’ve seen there so far. Mia’s cardigan is almost finished, just need to sew in the ends and then I am thinking I might add some pretty pink ribbon to the sleeves or something (thanks Dad for that suggestion :])

Off to bed in a few!


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