Posted by: xph03nix | June 28, 2011

brum brum

Took the car to the garage today, turns out she needed new shoes. They weren’t even attached anymore after dad had to whack them off last Tuesday. oops! Went in there with £90 in cash and it turns out the brake repairs were exactly £90 – sorted! Had to hang around for a while so I took a walk down the towpath to do some caching. Turns out I was on the wrong side of the canal for two of them, though – oops! Managed to find another one on the correct side though so I have now hit 50 caches that I can log – need to buy my premium for about 6 others though! Grr.

Worked tonight which was pretty standard. Have bought some buttons to go on Mia’s cardigan and some pink ribbon aswell, so I may finish that off tonight, or I may well be lazy and do it tomorrow. Probably the latter. Also got a nice dress to wear out tomorrow, though I always feel overly formal in a dress so hmm perhaps not. Only going to a friends house. Who knows. Probably should stop spending money I don’t have, but whatever!


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