Posted by: xph03nix | June 30, 2011

poker face

Played poker last night. I was nicht gut. However, I did beat Rich, whom I brought along from le workage. He’s my manager. I have been rubbing it in his face all day that I stayed in longer than he did :] However I did lose all of my money anyway – came third somehow. I did try to nick a tenner out of the pot but they were having none of it :[
Thought I might have a lie-in today but I got called into work 5 hours early as someone called in sick. So that was my lazy day out of the window! The extra money was a big help though considering I couldn’t really afford to play poker last night! Oops.
Off to the cinema tomorrow with Anna and my mother, who has apparently forgotten that we’re going to London next weekend and is now advertising our tickets online. I am confused. But I shall not miss out on my first opportunity to go to the Globe Theatre – excited!! But anyway, we’re off to see Bridesmaids tomorrow and I think after we may go get some din dins and have a catch up before I move to southern climes.


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