Posted by: xph03nix | July 7, 2011

what a slacker

Oh my life I how rubbish am I at updating?! Lots has been happening and it’s been an uber busy week. Went to the pub on Friday with Anna for a lovely little catch up and then we joined my mother a la cinema to watch Bridesmaids. Uber funny film, had me in stitches in some places. Especially liked the ‘yeah well you’re a…’. The whole cinema went into silent shock haha.
Hmm, Saturday I had my last day at work *sob*. Andy and Danni had bought me sweeties which was really nice, apparently my penchant for munchies hasn’t been ignored! Woot. Other than that it was pretty standard, I had to hand in my badges and uniform whilst stood in the middle of the restaurant which was a little sad, I felt like I’d done something wrong :[ Everyone met up at The Old Bell in town after for drinks which was awesome, I ended up pretty smashed and still suck at pool (shocker). It’s weird leaving, it feels like I’ve only started to get on with everyone in the past few weeks and now it’s like I’m leaving a bunch of friends instead of just a job :[

Sunday was a mahoosive hangover day and the heat didn’t help with my dehydration. We made Chilli con Carne and Spag Bol for Jimmerz and then we took Barney out geocaching around near Staunton way to do some that my mum has already found so she was available to keep an eye on the geodog. Good times :] I also had to spend the day packing ready for Plymouth and Barn got quite upset and worried, poor pup :[ When we packed the car up on Monday he got in the boot and refused to leave, we had to pack around him until it was defo time to kick him out. But I am sure that now he knows mum and dad aren’t leaving too he’ll be fine 😀 In fact I hear that he’s pretty much forgotten about it, so that’s good.

So now I am living in Plymouth :] Jim didn’t like our new place at first but he said when he was walking back from work last night he was looking forward to coming home, so that’s good. Since then I have managed to make our room look splendid and set up all of our things in it, we have partaken in two pub quizzes (won them both, naturally.) and I have been applying for jobs, one of which I have an interview for on Saturday morning. Wish me luck!


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