Posted by: xph03nix | July 18, 2011

worries and woes

One day i will sort out writing on here properly ;]

Well I got the job at Roborough Toby, and I had my first shift Sunday, which was all well and good. Only 5 hours though which isn’t too good, only got about 18 hours this week and I came home feeling really worried that I don’t have enough to pay the bills. Had a pretty shite night actually worrying about money and feeling really lonely. Jim started work at 5, when I finished, so didn’t really see him at all. It’s not good. Didn’t really know what to do with myself last night. Ended up staring at FB for about 2 hours in the hope something good might happen before giving up and going to bed. Not having anything to do all day is really getting to me.

SO I made a geocaching plan and got up this morning to go on my 4 mile planned walk. There were 10 caches along the way, the last one being a multicache that I would have needed to come home for to find the final location on the map first, as I have no GPS. Managed to find 4 out of 9 caches and get 3 of the 4 clues for the multicache. I’d forgotten how bloody big Ford Park Cemetery is so couldn’t find the clue I needed, but I shall get there in the end! Felt good geting out there and doing something with my time, I really enjoyed it, though when I got home I was bloody knackered. Luckily my lovely boyfriend was around to make me a sandwich at the end of it all :]

I went to the pub tonight with Gary and Alex, two of my new housemates, which was good because I don’t know anyone else in Plymouth at the moment so it’s nice to have people to go out with once in a while. Can’t really be turning down offers to go out at the moment, else they may never ask again. So yeah. That was good. Think I’m gonna go pass out now though as I’m still exhausted from this mornings walk, hopefully I’ll remember to update again soon though!



  1. Yay geocaching!! We will have to go when we finally get the time to get together 🙂

  2. we definately do! it’s nice to have a reason to get out of the house and see the world. defo need to do it abroad! x

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