Posted by: xph03nix | August 6, 2011

#75, #76 to Kentshire.

Right. On the Job stakes, I have one interview at the Copthorne next Tuesday evening, one interview at Langdon Court on Wednesday morning (they’re not even hiring as far as I know, I just sent them a letter and CV, so yay!) and one trial shift at Seco Lounge on Friday night. I think I’m going to quit at Toby this week, I have 9 hours of work and it’s not even worth turning up to.

Went to a BBQ at Joe and Amy’s on Thursday for Zoe’s 30th which was really good, it’s nice to catch up with everyone from le casino’s etc. Moved on from there at about 7.30 because of baby Mia, and went to some woman called Leanne’s house. Her bloke is a bit of a dick frankly, and she was odd too, but it was good to hang out and do the drinking thing (as usual). Got home at 12, how hardcore are we?! Clairezilla came back with us and we ordered pizza, though I phoned all of the pizza places about 4 times so yeah they were probably a bit annoyed with me tbh!

Spent yesterday with my minor hangover caching. Or trying to. I have 4 or 5 caches I’m having issues with in Central Park, so I attacked those. Got the last clue for the one on the cemetery finally, but had to come home after that to find out the final co ords on the laptop and then nip back out to actually go to the spot. Not having a GPS is doing my nut in! Didn’t find it in the end, forgot to read about what I was looking for tbh, but now I know and I think I know where it’ll be, too. Got locked in the cemetery though which was a bit pants, the stupid woman saw me walking down the path and still locked the gates. Cow. Had to climb over a wall, which wasn’t fun. Felt like all the dead people were mocking me lol. Aaaaaaanyway. YEah I couldn’t find any of the others either, but when I went home for the cemetery coords I checked out the satellite map properly and totally pinpointed one, so I got it!! After the 3rd attempt, yay!!

That was pretty much my exciting day yesterday. Jim finished work at 9pm and then he started again at 7am today, don’t think he was too impressed by the 5.50am alarm call :[ BUT I am going to pick him up at 3pm and we’re off to Kent, woot! FINALLY I am going to see the inlaws again, after 10 months of absence! Excitingggggg! We’re also going to stop off at Stonehenge again on the way (found out there’s a virtual cache there too, so bonus!) which should be good fun, plus it breaks up the 5 hour journey nicely. So I’d best go pack and make myself look pretty n all that before ruining Jon, Denises and George’s (!) quite night in.



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