Posted by: xph03nix | October 4, 2011

size 8, here I come! (yeah, right.)

I am on another attempt to lose this belly that seems to have put itself upon me. Uninvited, I might add, though perhaps I’m not entirely blameless in its appearance. However, get rid of it I shall. And now I have a reason to – got a posh dress for a certain someones wedding to get into! Not mine, sadly, but that of my dear delightful brother, who proposed to his delightful wife on August 20th by taking her down the beautiful river Wye on a canoe trip, packed up a picnic and pulled the ring out on the grassy shores. How romantic. As my mother said – it’s just a shame it was on the Welsh side of the river! And alas, I am to have a sister-in-law. Exciting times. I feel slightly like I’m missing out, being so far away from all of the organisation etc, but then I suppose being a member of the grooms family I would never be much in the loop on that one anyway. So it is to be a surprise! Although I do know the colour of the bridesmaids dresses, which I am told I must keep a big secret (violent pink, btw). Well, I didn’t want to clash, now, did I?

Anyhoo, this unhealthyness must leave. So I have taken it upon myself to whisk out the wii fit again, and this time I am leaving it on the bedroom floor so I have no choice but to accept its presence with grace. And, perhaps, trip over it a couple of times on the way to the toilet in the night. I have completed 27 mins of painful exercise last night, and 24 mins of even more painful exercise tonight – seem to have strained a muscle in my right calf and I’m not entirely sure how I plan to spend 8 hours walking around the restaurant tomorrow, except that needs must. Need to work on some alterations to the diet, too – found out on Sunday that I like potato salad, yay. Not entirely sure how healthy something is when it’s covered in mayonaise though. Oh, well, you can’t win them all. Must stop drinking, too, but we’ll tackle that one another week, methinks ;]

Off to finish a cowel that I began last week. Slacker.

P.S. a big congrats to Sam and Chris who had their first baby -a boy – on Sept 29th. Freddie is beautiful and I hope he enjoys his home-made blanket :]

P.P.S. Finally gave Joe and Amy their baby blanket for young Mia, a pic of which is here…


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