Posted by: xph03nix | October 4, 2011

The beginning of many a pointless update…

I got an iPhone last month, and let me tell you, that wAs a bloody palava. But yay, I have one 🙂 and I just put the wordpress app on it, so I think I may come up with lots of little random, pointless and misspelled posts from now on, such as this one.

I am mainly writing to let you know that tomorrow will begin by kicking off the health thing with a fry up. Hey, I’m not in control of when the bacon and eggs need eating by!

I’m off to bed now, mind, as I’m pretty knackered from the early stArt that was required this morning in order for me to encourage a friend to go shopping in Ann summers after our particularly entertaining chat at work on Monday night. Hilarious. I don’t suppose the delicious curry I had for lunch with an old uni friend helped either, but you’d think the afternoon nap I had would have sorted me out! Oh well..


P.s. Robbie Williams left take that again and I couldn’t be more proud of the hunk of love. Except for when he married ava fields. Ah, that was a good day 🙂



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