Posted by: xph03nix | October 6, 2011

I is hungover :(

Well, yesterday I acted like a normal person and went to work for 8 hours. Winner! Unfortunately afterwards I decided to go and meet Jim at a bar with his colleagues. After getting a rather insane apology from one of them for kissing Jim last time we were all out (I forgave her, but I still don’t like her), they all moved on and we decided to stick to odd bar with Rado. And then we came home and drank some more. So now I am lying in bed with a banging headache and feeling sick, wondering how I am going to cope with another 8 hour shift and then staying up writing my application for a job which has to be in by noon tomorrow. And jim snoring on the floor next to me is making me very angry.

Good start to the day 🙂


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