Posted by: xph03nix | October 7, 2011

it all breaks down at the first rehearsal…

Another 8 hour shift down (check me out, totally normal now!) and I have also written my job application form, after a couple of phone calls to my dad for a wee bit of help. I have just emailed it to him for him to have a read over and see if it’s okay, and then it’s off to the school to see if I get the job. My God, I hope so. This job will be just what I need.

Tomorrow is a busy one – if Dad doesn’t get back to me in time then I’ll have to mail the application off in the morning, the off to get an MOT for my car (groan – I don’t even wanna think about how expensive that could be), then a dentist appt to book, need to visit Seco Lounge to find out where the rest of my wages are, phone the tax office, give my granddad a ring to see about when I can visit him next week (he’s having an op on his heart on Monday – here’s hoping he’ll be grand after :] ), write out my CV for bank jobs, as well as for Travel Agent jobs, and do some caching whilst I wait for the car, I reckon.

Mental. And as I have had a hangover ALL day and I’m still waiting for jim to get back from wherever he’s gone to drink on his day off, I’m going to bed to read. Maybe I’ll send my application tonight, maybe not. I’m sure you’ll find out some time :]

Night xx


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