Posted by: xph03nix | October 8, 2011

boring weekend!

I am watching the X Factor due to a lack of anything else being on, and my god it is shit. What an absolute load of bollocks. “you’re making this really hard for me *sob*.” yeah, cuz the millions of pounds you get paid to shit on peoples dreams is no comfort, right?

I did indeed send my application off on Thursday night, so hopefully they will think that I’m fab and take me on. Apparently if I don’t hear from them by Oct 24th then I don’t have an interview :[ So here’s hoping!! Have also applied for an Assistant Managers job at a hotel restaurant somewhere around Plymouth, though I don’t entirely know where yet as it’s all through an agency. Lame.

Had my day off yesterday and I feel like it was wasted. Took the car for her M.O.T. and whilst that was being done I wandered off for some caching. The first one I couldn’t find, got the second, and the third I went completely the wrong way (and the long way) around to get it. But did get to sit next to a stream (actually the river plym, but whatever, it was tiny), in the dappled sunlight, surrounded by squirrels, which was quite nice. The fourth I couldn’t find but that was meant to be a super hard one anyway. Then I went and picked up the car (£177 to be spent on her on Monday, eek) and drove to Plympton St Maurice, which is beautiful. I am going to look at house prices around there now, actually… (£325,000… nevermind). Anyhoo, I did a multi-cache thing around the village, got all of the answers to the clues, and then couldn’t put the bloody coords into my iphone so they’d make sense, which pissed me off. Managed to get it right as soon as I got back home, of course. Standard! Spent the rest of the day napping, eating and freezing my face off whilst I crocheted. Defo need to put the heating on soon :[

And oh my life, where is today going?! Got the laundry on, and that’s it! Oh yeah, I did get up to watch the rugby this morning, which was a total waste of time. Damn you, England, for being so pants! You used to be one of the best in the world! Now I’m going to have to embrace the Welsh in me and support them next week. Grr. Oh well, off to do more crocheting, and I MUST remember to phone pum later. Lazy!


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