Posted by: xph03nix | October 11, 2011

you’re like a highschool drop-out; no class.

Oh my Life. I don’t even know what day it is, let alone what I’ve done recently.
Oh yeah, yesterday my car had her new shock absorber put in, so I am now poorer than poor. Whilst it was being done I took a walk around Plympton and the countryside for 3 hours and did some caching, found 6 in the end. Almost got eaten by a pikie’s doberman – not the calmest moment in my life, I tell ya. Jim and I went into the hospital in the afternoon to visit Pum after his operation. He was asleep when we got there and we were in the process of leaving a note when the nurse woke him up, so got to talk to him in the end :] He was clearly very doped up, apparently that was him coming around from the whole op. We thought he’d just been napping! Oops. Definately got his sense of humour still (apparently the Navy man doesn’t like boats :]) so that’s all good. Uncle Simon rang me earlier actually to say that Pum’s going home tomorrow afternoon which is a day earlier than expected, which is good 😀

We had a quiet, early night in last night. I had work at 6.30am today and was knackered from being up early yesterday and from my 5 mile walk, so it was very nice :] Didn’t like this morning so much mind, don’t wanna be doing breakfast shifts again. Ew. Jim got mad at me earlier and yelled about me being lazy and wanting an afternoon nap (I thought I deserved one, but whatever) so I stormed out to the wool shop whilst he left for work. Not good :[ But we have talked since and things are good :] I have since spent the time writing my CV up for banking jobs, mum’s going over that one sometime tonight I hope, and now I must depart to write it for travel agents jobs. At least his shouting has made me do somethign with my day! I don’t like to admit it, and won’t to him, but he’s right, the little blighter.



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