Posted by: xph03nix | November 2, 2011

Life is a swarm of holidays and work…

Well I had my interview at Plympstock School, but wasn’t successful. They did say, though, that they want to work with me and to apply for another job which should be advertised either this week or next, so who knows! It would certainly be good to work there, a nice school so it is. I’ve also had a lot of emails off of my mother again for other jobs to apply, so I shall be cracking onto this later on today!

We spent last week cruising the canals on Narrowboat Hawksmoor, which was a lovely break from normal life. It was Jim and my first time on the new boat and it was awesome with the coal fire going, the dog asleep on his bed and the wine flowing. That it, it was awesome until we got to a lock or I had to steer, in which case it was bloody freezing! But we managed to visit lots of pubs, eat lots of food, and my mother and I found something like 42 caches in the week. Always a winner! Took the dog along on our hunts too in an attempt to wear him out. I guess we forgot it’s impossible to wear out a Springer! Jim and I also went to Drayton Manor for the day and I ended up feeling very sick and spending the afternoon in bed because of the rollercoasters. What a wuss! Spent that evening at Tamworth Snow Dome as Jim got his first ever taste of snowboarding – which he loved, woot! – and I fell on my ass trying to show off doing a jump. Oops. Snow sliding up your jumper = bloody cold.

After a few days chilling in the Glos I got back to Plym on Sunday afternoon and haven’t done a lot since. Working hard on my blanket that I want to get finished this week and then I can make one for Jim too. We gave Jon and Denise their blanket and bunny for George which they loved, so yay, another happy surprise :]

So yeah, my plan for the day = an afternoon swim, apply for atleast 3 jobs, and do about 10 rows of my blanket. Easy.


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