Posted by: xph03nix | November 7, 2011


Sooo I’ve kinda been really lazy lately and it’s annoying me. I didn’t get round to applying for work last week as I picked up an extra shift at work and then was doing lates anyway. Jims on earlies now, starting at 7am and I’ve been sleeping badly since he gets up so not been too enthused about getting up at all.

Went swimming again today though and really felt it was something to be proud of so it’s making me want to do it more. Was completely knackered when we did our food shop earlier mind and didnt fancy any food which you’d think would bring the bill down, but no. Oh well. Managed to apply for 2 jobs tonight too so that helped feel like the day wasn’t totally wasted!

Watched a show about how totally self-serving the American police force is, now watching nirvana at the panorama or something whilst finishing the border for my blanket before bed. Just a blanket for jim, jacket for mum and me and a dress to make on the list now! Off to the cinema on Wednesday to see Anonymous and lots of Job apps to do in-between. Joy!

Maybe one day I’ll think of something worthwhile to say 🙂


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