Posted by: xph03nix | November 10, 2011

Another miserable day…

I don’t know how long this mood is setting in for but I’m so over it.

Got most things I wanted done yesterday, I did my shopping and then swapped swimming for caching. During which it totally pissed down. Got Jim to football in time, put the chicken in to cook for 2 hours 40, sorted the veg out and made the batter mix for Yorkshire puddings, picked Jim up, cooked the veg (timed it all fabulously, I must say) and w had a delicious slow cooked roast. I am good.

Decided to stay in for the evening though as Jim had work at 7am today so we just chilled out and watched derren browns experiments. I’ve started on my next crocheting project and a new book. I didn’t, however, apply for any jobs. So that’s something to work on today. As well as:

Changing bed sheets (was going to do it after work but jim’s in bed asleep, so that’s one for tomorrow…)
Apply for 2 jobs (actually applied for 3, yay!)
2 rows blanket

I think that’s it actually. Should be easy enough if I can just get my arse out of bed! Work at 2.30 so atleast I actually have to do something today…


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