Posted by: xph03nix | November 11, 2011

Right. I have just had a shower, and as I do my best thinking in the shower, I think I might be able to turn my mood around.

I have turned on the fairy lights and Lady GaGa in an effort to up my mood. Joshua James wasn’t really helping in that one…

“The battles fought and fight inside these walls, the blood still stains my dress.
Through we spoke, my broken bones, the chandelier means more you said.
The thunder screamed a light into the thick black painted night, but not
A muscle did you move for me.
The rapids growing taller than I ever do recall,
Dragging my soul to sea, my soul to sea

and I said
Lord what have I done? And I said Lord what have I done?”

Aaaanyway. I decided to sort out a plan for next week which means hopefully things will get done around here.

Meet Michelle in town, go swimming. Watch last episode of LOST again. Work at 6, party after work. (swimming pool was closed for a Gala when we got there, so we’ve rescheduled for Wednesday.)

Probably going to be a hangover/sleep say, but also going to hide my first geocache, yay. Do as much crocheting as possible. (accidentally broke my cache whilst trying to place it, so need to buy some superglue before I try that again. No crocheting done, too sleeeepy.)

Apply for 2 jobs, do 3 rows of blanket. Sort out maps etc for tomorrow. Work at 2.30pm (applied for one job. already applied for all the others!)

Get train to Berre Ferrers on a caching mission, go swimming. Professional/Undergrads open evening at Uni. 3 rows of crocheting.

Breakfast shift – working 6.15am to 2.30pm. Meet Amy for a crocheting lesson.

Apply for 2 jobs, do 3 rows of crocheting. Work at 2.30pm

Chill out, do some crocheting, apply for work, do whatever I want :]

I know it’s a bit odd to do a plan like this but I need it written down so that I can tick things off my list and make sure they actually get done. Will probably add more to it as the week goes on…


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