Posted by: xph03nix | November 14, 2011

a short one tonight :]

Some people really are messed up. They do something wrong, you tell them you don’t mind, make a joke about it, and then they storm off declaring they’re being victimised. Good lord. Last time I try and tell her everything’s okay. I’d rather go to a party and enjoy my drink in peace with people I actually want to talk to!

But anyway.

Things are going alright, I have been applying for all the jobs I can find but sadly there’s only about two a week being added to the sites I’m checking, so it’s slow progress. Got turned down for another job today – atleast they actually bothered to reply though. Like they said, there’s so many applicants for each job (300+ in this case) that they’re able to cherry pick the absolute best for the position. Lucky them!

My plan for tomorrow is to catch the train to Bere Ferrers and do a 4+ mile walk for 8 caches and perhaps have a bite to eat in a pub there, and then POSSIBLY go for a swim too. I am trying to wear myself out so that I can sleep early ready for my breakfast shift on Wednesday. Which means I should probably be in bed getting sleepy now! Lord knows when Jim will get home from his poker game.

Night folks!


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