Posted by: xph03nix | December 1, 2011

i can’t even give this post a title, it would be way too rude.

Why do people feel the need to steal from other people? Why deliberately make people feel angry – shake with anger, even? Why plot to cause someone to feel upset and robbed of their faith in their fellow humans? Feel physically sick with disgust and hatred? Because this is how I felt last night when my iphone was stolen from my front right jeans pocket whilst I was trying to have fun. Whilst life was good and I was enjoying my friends company; enjoying seeing Kasabian live again (though I won’t admit that one too much), someone had decided that their right to my belongings was more important than the fact that I had worked hard to get that phone and to keep on paying the bills. And of course the effects of their actions will stretch long into the future for me – paying £250 over the next 10 months on a contract that I cannot use or have to pay even more to cancel, or pay around £130 to buy off of ebay an iphone of the previous generation or a different smart phone so that I can continue with the contract. To buy a phone that someone else is quite likely to be selling because they stole it themselves. To buy a phone with less technology than the one that I planned to have – DID have. This happening right at the end of November, on my last payday before Christmas. When I have gifts to buy and plans to make; parties to pay for. I’m going to have to pay atleast £50 for the contract of a phone which I don’t have because I simply cannot afford to buy a new phone for atleast two months – and realistically about 10. Because they haven’t just stolen my phone, they have stolen my money. The money that could have helped to make my contribution to Christmas somewhat special, rather than something half-arsed. What makes people think that this is okay? Why can’t they think before they take something – it affects so much more; ruins so much more. What gives people the right to take that from me?

What fucking right?



  1. *hugs* Im so sorry people are jerks doll. I wish I could help 😦 … love you to bits though! xx

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