Posted by: xph03nix | December 3, 2011

sometimes when i miss you, i put those records on…

Ha. So yesterday I told my friends about my phone being stolen (and hence an explanation for my bad mood) and someone’s all “oh no, that sucks! oh hey can you let people know there’s a bag of stolen make up around with a price list in it if you want anything?”

er, yeah. i really want to advocate thieving right now. idiots.

i have been watching World’s Strictest Parents and it has given me some motivation. Kind of. It’s made me see that I need to have some, anyway. I have let work know I want extra hours as I’m broke so they’ve fixed me up with a couple extra shifts, and this serious lack of money is giving me a kick up the arse to stay in work for as long as I can rather than opt to be sent home if it’s quiet. I’m also hoping to get lots done tomorrow as I’m on breakfasts from Monday for 4 days, which is good. Breakfast/lunch = guaranteed 8.25 hours work, woot. I’m beginning to see hope for things…


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