Posted by: xph03nix | January 12, 2012

an awful lot of crochet news. sorry!

Turns out the sleeve didn’t take long at all, and I managed to get them sewn on to the body of the jumper yesterday. Finished the yoke tonight and spent FOREVER sewing in ends. I swear I hate that part. Had to add a few rows to what I had planned to do so that the neckline wasn’t so gaping, though now it looks a little weird. The pattern is so it’s a turtle neck but I look silly in those, so whatever.

This is the outcome:

It’s a really bad picture as it’s like 1am and I am tired. But yeah.

I went to a friends house today to help her mum out with crocheting, actually. She didn’t understand the stitches she needed to make a flower, so we sat around doing that while Leanne knitted away her teddy bear’s head. Cute! My flower came out pretty impressive too so I am thinking I may do some motif kinda stuff soon. But first I have two baby blankets to make in pink – yay! – and Leanne and I also went to an awesome wool shop in Plympton which is just so cool. They have pretty much every type of wool you could want. I don’t know why these places only ever seem to have like 10 crochet patterns though and like 10000 for knitting. Annoying! I got one for another top though so I am going to try that in a lovely soft wool I bought in shades of browns, greens and reds. So lots of plans for crafts!

That’s about it, really. My shifts at work got cancelled as it’s so quite so I’ve not done much else other than make stuff. I’m going to go out geocaching tomorrow though if I can find the kick up the arse that I need.

Have fun people!

P.S. How awesome is my iphone cover?!


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