Posted by: xph03nix | January 20, 2012

some pretty chuffin nice baby blankets :]

Turns out the mistake wasn’t in going to work to find out my shifts, it was actually believing that they wouldn’t cancel it. So. I’ve had an awful lot of time at home lately! I have spent the week making two blankets for some friends who are having babies. They’re due in April and May but I like to be prepared! I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out, actually. I even ventured into making some flowers to sew on – a Dianthus and a Geranium, though I prefer the Geranium I think. Here’s some photos:

I’ve been thinking a lot about turning this into a little bit of a business. I’ll never be able to sell things at a high enough price to make even minimum wage back on my time, as I’m just too slow at the moment – each of those blankets above took about 10 hours to make, so at min wage that’s £61 plus £8 for wool and I seriously doubt I’ll be able to sell them for £70. Oh well! The important thing is that it keeps me busy I guess! I’ve printed out a bunch of patterns today that I think would be quick to make up and people might like to buy. I’m going to just make things until either Autumn or next Spring and then go to a craft fair to sell them, but in the mean time I’ll visit a few crafty do’s first to see what’s going on :] Exciting!! Problem is I want it all done now and I can’t decide what to do first! It seems like there’s so much to get done if I want to make a proper go of it. I’ll get there!

I also have an interview at Jim’s casino on Thursday, it’s an open day for 25 people and then they’ll pick who they want to join the training school for croupiers, so hopefully I don’t totally fuck that up. Would be kick-ass to have a salary for once. Fingers crossed!!



  1. Yes! They would sell for that! Because you figure they are hand made! Trust me I sell my things for similar pricing. :o) Glad to see you caught the craft store bug too… let me know when you are around and we can compare notes xx

  2. aw cheers hun!! i checked on ebay and one pretty much the same as those i did but a lot crapper cuz the colours were bloody awful was selling for £30 so we shall see! i am around pretty much all the time atm, especially in the evenings after like 7pm here until maybe 1am, not a lot else to do! my skep is always on i think so give me a buzz whenever :] we defo need to talk about this craft selling thing!! xxx

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