Posted by: xph03nix | February 6, 2012

kent, london, new job. yay!

Well I had a lovely weekend away last week in Kent with the in laws. It was just what I needed to break the monotony of this awful January. We arrived at about 1am on Friday morning after leaving Plymouth after my interview at G Casino which ended at 7pm. I was tired and annoyed and the road we needed was shut so we ended up detouring past Southampton, which was even more annoying. Especially as we passed all these signs for places which seemed too far away for me to ever go to. And now I was there. Grr. Oh well! The weekend was spent drinking with friends, playing Pictionary with the kids, introducing them to geocaching and meeting the beautiful baby George, who I am a little bit in love with :]

We also went to London for a day which was awesome!! I freaking love London. Jim showed me the pub he used to live in and the houses before that, as well as where his parents met, his old schools and where he used to harass the river police by jumping over barges. Cheeky sausage! It was so nice to see where he grew up, can’t believe it’s taken us 6 years to get round to it! We walked to Butlers Wharf for lunch and then over Tower Bridge, round the Tower of London and got the tube to Westminster where we saw St Stephens Tower, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Then we wandered up past Downing Street, through Whitehall and to Trafalgar Square then Leicester Square and into Chinatown. I can’t believe how much we did in 4 hours! Woot. Loves it.

And now we are back in rubbish Plymouth. But it’s only rubbish because EVERYWHERE else in the darn country has snow, and we are still green as anything. And pretty warm sometimes, too. But I want snow. Grr. Oh well!

I start my training at the casino tomorrow – I got the job šŸ˜› It’s my first ever proper full-time job so I expect to be knackered for a while, 40 hours a week is definately a foreign concept to me (not for lack of trying to get full time forever though) so we shall see! Should be interesting šŸ˜€


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