Posted by: xph03nix | February 8, 2012

workie work

Who knew passing chips was so hard?! Or that I’d ever need to know my 17 and 8 times tables?! Honestly. I’m exhausted. This thinking lark isn’t something I’m used to; I feel like my pinkie fingers have been dislocated from the rest of my hand; my fingers are way too short and I am not looking forward to the continued maths tests! BUT it is all good fun and I am enjoying learning new skills. Everyone on my training school is nice and it’s good knowing a few people there already. However I am finishing work at 9pm and Jim is going in at 11pm so we’re not going to see eachother much over the next couple of weeks. Oh well! All for a good cause :]

I’m off to the gym again tonight for the second time. Dunno what’s come over me but I actually enjoyed it last time I was there so here’s to hoping tonights session has the same effect! I also joined Love Film last night so I am soon going to waste away the few hours I have left in my days by watching naff films and carrying on with my crochet adventure :] Exciting! I’d better go straigten my hair and find out if my shirt is ironed enough… Laters!



  1. Good for you! I too found myself in the gym for the first time last night an I enjoyed it… weird….

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