Posted by: xph03nix | February 22, 2012

paranoia abounds

I haven’t had any time at all lately to post in here which is pretty pants. We’re currently on a 9-shift stint at work, though today is our last shift, woohoo! It will conclude just over 2 weeks of Roulette, which means we have a table test tomorrow which I am pretty scared about, but there’s not a lot I can do but try. Very much looking to my 2.5 days off though!

I’ve had an order from a friend to make a ‘Marvin the Paranoid Android’ for her, which I started a couple of days ago. He needs some work on the joins between the black and white wool but other than that I’m pretty pleased so far, just got some arms and legs to make and sew on and job’s a good’un :] I’ve decided to try and stop drinking on my own though for lent, so it feels a bit weird to be sat here without a glass of wine next to me whilst I cruise the net and crochet. Feels like something big is missing, but I’m not going to give up tonight. Oh, no. I can atleast make it one bloody night without giving in!

In other news, I totally won the race to buy a Blink182 poster this month. AND it’s one that I actually like and want! Winner. I kind of object to paying $10 more to get it shipped here than the actual poster cost, but it is a 1-of-182 screen-printed limited edition, so I am super excited. And yes, I shall also try and get one next month too 😀 Awesomes.

That’s all for now, I must go make me some late-night din dins and get on with my robot dude. See ya soon!


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