Posted by: xph03nix | April 12, 2014


So… he finally asked! I was surprised to say the least – I mean, it’s not like I’ve been nagging him for the past 6 years or so, is it?! Wowzers.

As the Guillemots say, “the best things come from nowhere…”

How did he do it, you ask? Down on one knee, of course. A gentleman to the last, that one. But really, I ought to have guessed when he ran off in Tesco to buy a bottle of Moet. “Mum said to buy Champagne, she has a mysterious announcement to make this weekend.” Pfft. I should have known then – I DID know then, but when there’s been so many opportunities over the last 8.5 years then you really stop believing it may happen. I even said at the till “are we getting engaged tonight or something?!” He’s a good secret keeper, I tell you. Had the ring in his pocket even then, the cheeky beggar. So yes. We came home and he wanted me to just relax and enjoy myself, but no, I insisted on doing more jobs around the house and went next door to borrow their lawnmower… and broke it. After a bit of drama where Jim shouted at me and I shouted at him, he suddenly stopped and turned all nice again. Hmm. And I’d still not twigged, you ask? Mad, I know. Until I remembered that he was making me a lovely dinner (Cheesy mustard chicken wrapped in bacon for me, steak for him and dauphinoise as a side – delicious!)… things started clicking into place. I thought perhaps I ought to go and get dressed in something fancy? Apparently not. Dinner over, I’m sent into the living room to watch Neighbours whilst he smokes, and then, 3 minutes in… there he is in the door, hands behind his back and a cheeky look on his face. A proposal flashes through my mind and then I think… don’t be daft. Turns out it’s not daft, it just got real. Jim bends the knee, brings out a Twister icecream from behind his back, with a beautiful ring stuck in the top, and asks if I’d do him the honour (do HIM the HONOUR?! I’m bloody honoured!) of being his wife. Jesus.


Now, at this point you may think I’d be up and crying and saying ‘YES!’ over and over. But I think I was in shock. You know when you’ve waited so long for something to happen and when it does you just can’t quite believe it? I think I looked at the ring and asked what exactly it was… and then tried to get my head around it with ‘REALLY? REALLY?! Oh my God.’ Poor chap’s legs must have been hurting by this point! He had to ask one more time before I replied with ‘Of course I will, you big wally!’ and life got a little greater. We drank Champagne in our wonderful conservatory; our house that we’ve worked so hard to make our home; and toasted a new chapter in our lives. Fantastic.


Then comes the phoning round to the family to let everyone know the fab news. Jim told his mum that there was to be a new Carney and she believe until his sister corrected her that I was pregnant, not joining the family myself – that nearly turned into a whole different kettle of fish on Facebook!

So now the fun times begin – time to get the show on the road with planning! Though apparently starting the night one gets engaged is perhaps too early to begin? All I know is it took me 4 hours to finish that episode of Neighbours, and we are one very happy couple :]

Here’s to the future!


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