Posted by: xph03nix | April 18, 2014

family time!

The In-Laws came up from Kent on Friday – Kate, Lou and Luke staying with us with Ralph, and John and Theresa were staying in a caravan up on Dartmoor, which was bleddy lush I might add! Such a fab week just relaxing and enjoying being ENGAGED!! I went to work on Friday night and as soon as I saw Frank, who has been waiting for months to hear the news (who hasn’t?!) I pointed to my ring and shouted over to him. Woohoo! Been getting lots and lots of congrats all week, whilst Jim’s mostly being told he took his sweeeeeet time!! Well I suppose he had to be sure!

So the famalam all got excited over my lovely ring, we celebrated muchly and I mostly spent Friday trying to get into contact with the vicar at my local church. I’ve always known it’ll be where I’ll get married and now I can’t get it organised quick enough! I also emailed the bloke who is in charge of organise bookings for the local village hall in the hope we can hold our reception there but it took FOREVER for everyone to get back to me. Ah well. I now know that the hall is definitely available and as soon as I hear from the vicar it’ll be booked for us – so exciting! I think because we’ve been together for so long I’ve been able to get a lot of ideas together as to how I’d like the wedding to be and where to have it so actually this organisation lark so far has not been too bad. Is it too soon though to have both the church and venue already provisionally booked? Eek.

Mum’s been on Pinterest getting ideas together and emailing me lots of things about  it – she’s the same, I guess, waited so long for this to happen that we’re all bursting with ideas!! I think it may well be getting a bit much though, I’m feeling a lil bit overwhelmed at the moment. Think I may have forgotten to just sit and enjoy being engaged, oops. Ah well. So the Carney’s have gone home now after a wonderful week of walking the moor’s, playing golf, visiting the Hoe and ‘hanging’ out at the Fair, and pubbage. Mum and Dad are staying with Pum for a few days from tomorrow and then we’ll have a catch up on Monday and talk weddinggggggggg! woot.


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