Posted by: xph03nix | April 21, 2014

the ‘rents are here!

Barnyard came visiting today! And the lovely parents, of course, but I can’t talk to Barney on the phone like I can to them, can I?! They got all excited over the ring (well, mum did… a bit) and congratulated us… very exciting to see them and swap ideas and be happy!! Woot. We went out to Ham Woods to do some geocaching, and of course dad (who doesn’t cache) found the first. Boo! Got 5 in the end I think, can’t complain! We went to The Ferryhouse Inn for a couple pints on the way home and got chatting wedding. Well, it is why we were there in the first place, I suppose! I did email mum last week saying she was overwhelming me a bit about her ideas and thoughts and everything. I think what with having to go to work and other things going on it was just a bit too much hearing so much all at once. Maybe things will slow down and chill out in a couple weeks but right now there’s just so much going on in my life other than wedding, when wedding is all I want to think about, and I can’t cope. Argh!
So I might have snapped when she asked why we need so many ushers (because Jim wants them!) and why we don’t need to go to a proper cheese shop to get a savoury cheese cake (because they do wheels of cheese much cheaper in the supermarket) but to be fair I’m in a whole new area of knowledge that I’ve never been in before and it’s a bit daunting. Hoping things will even out soon and we can talk without me being too overcome…



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