Posted by: xph03nix | April 25, 2014

it’s a date!

There’s a girl at work who is getting married on my chosen wedding date.

So we’ve been talking about getting married forever now, and I said to Jim (last summer?) that we should get married in June because we need to being back June as a happy month. Basically, his brother sadly passed away on June 23rd 2006, my grandmother passed away on June 20th 2009 and Jim’s dad on June 28th 2013. So we shall reclaim it as a happy month! And as our anniversary is 20th October, what better date to get married on than 20th June 2015? And he proposed with this in mind (apparently!). He thinks I said I’d need a year to plan a wedding (I’m quite sure I said 18 months atleast, but either way I think we can just aboout manage it ;] ) So instead I have 14 months to plan our wedding on the bestest date we could possibly have! Should be fine!

But no. No. She beat us to it by a couple of months. And rather than usurp her and get married a week before, we have chosen a week after. So June 27th is it! So exciting to actually have a date chosen! I mean, we still need to hear back from the church and venue to confirm they’re available but other than that it’s sorted!

Crap. This might actually be happening…


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