Posted by: xph03nix | May 11, 2014

save the date…

Went to see the Murphinator today for a catch up and to show off wedding dress number one. It’s weird sitting round in it and getting a feel for it. A wedding dress is like the ultimate piece of clothing for a woman and even though I was never that girly girl that dreamed of her princess wedding when I was younger, it still seems to hold some sense of poignancy for me. She did tell me off for trying to drink my apple and blackcurrant squash in it though just incase I chucked it everywhere! (Quite likely for me, to be honest.)

It was a lovely time talking of babies and weddings and all the exciting things that are happening for the both of us. Her nursery is GORGEOUS and she is getting much bigger now, with only 4 weeks to go… eek! Can’t wait to meet the baby 😀

But now I am home alone waiting for Jim’s return at 4am, and I am working on making some Save The Date cards. I have an idea in my mind of how I want them to look, and have had the twine and washi tape out doing a practice run but getting them so they can be printed properly is turning into a bit of a nightmare. Also, who knew font was such a difficult thing to decide on?! Argh! I shall persevere and no doubt get nowhere… will let you know!


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