Posted by: xph03nix | May 16, 2014

hen do…

I drove the 260 miles from Plymouth to Rochester today all on my own, which to be fair was quite entertaining – 1 Angels and Airwaves, 3 Blink 182, 1 Meatloaf and 1 Muse album later and I made it safely! Definitely a collection of music that Jim wouldn’t have allowed all of the way! Tomorrow is Jim’s cousin Liz’s Hen do. We’re off to London in the morning for a Cocktail making class, then to the Ice Bar and then dinner in a nightclub before dancinggggggg! Though we have to get the train home and I’m not sure Louise is actually allowed in the nightclub part of the ‘restaurant’ so I don’t know when we’ll be leaving, but I am looking forward to it. Though with the bad back I’ve been having and the 4 hours of sleep starting at 6am each day, we’ll see how I feel tomorrow! Hoping it’s much better.

I showed Kate and Lou my wedding dress #1 and they both liked it but I still think #2 may be the better option – can’t wait for it to arrive 😀 eek. Jim got a bit annoyed earlier at me because he thinks I’m wasting money buying a couple of each thing, but to be honest if I can get 2 wedding dresses for less than £100 all together and jewellery sets for £5 each from China then why shouldn’t I buy a couple to be sure of the ones I like best?! I’m sure he’d like that better than spending £2,500 on a wedding dress alone! I’ve been really enjoying the wedding chat, all about mine and Liz’s – it’s so nice to hear the different ideas and plans going on that it’s giving me so many things to think about! Must really remember to write some down…


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