Posted by: xph03nix | May 18, 2014

Liz’s hen do was great!! We all thought we’d be absolutely smashed by about 5pm but we took it steady. Myself, Kate, Lou and Theresa made it to Victoria Station in time to realise that half of London was also there trying to get to the Arsenal/ Hull game at Wembley and getting the underground was no option. We tried to get a bus to Picadilly but there was a protest going on somewhere so they weren’t running, so (horror of horrors) we had to walk. I LOVE walking in London!! And especially this route – I didn’t know it’d be so perfect!! Theresa was worried it would be too long but we had to go past Buckingham Palace, through Green Park, past The Ritz and along to Picadilly Square and it only took 27 mins!! How fab is that! I freaking love London!!


So… we got to a bar called the Jewel Bar in Picadilly and met up with everyone, then first was a cocktail making class in Picadilly and we had a ‘Roberto’ on arrival which tasted of almonds, so not a massive fan. Then we did races and competions to make a selection of cocktails the fastest. 10271547_10154153858635529_442342842222907436_n


10302696_10154153858380529_4822422071176073808_nLouise and I had to make a Long Island Iced Tea together with her blind folded and stood behind me, arms through mine and me directing her to the bottles, ice and spirits. Nearly ended with a cocktail chucked all over me, but we beat Kate and Val and won the nice shot at the end of it, not the cinnamon and whiskey, ew! We had to drink our shot with no hands, which considering Lou is only 14 and has never done a shot before, was quite funny! Don’t think Jim’s too pleased I’m corrupting his sister 😉

—> video of us making said cocktail! <—


10329135_10154153857740529_7730631680426585393_nWe also did a mojito race where everything we needed was on a table in the bar area and our teams had to pass it all down to us in the right order, once the cocktail was made we had to pass it back with everyone drinking some. The first cocktail to be finished won! I made mine fastest but we didnt drink it quick enough so we lost – very shocking!!

We then moved on to the Ice Bar round the corner which was FREEZING!! 10291054_10154153856305529_5016932143047981991_n i put my ice glass on the ice table whilst i sat on the ice bench and it bleddy slid off!! Luckily Val wasn’t drinking so I had her mojito, but grr! We had a spot of lunch after but Lou and I didn’t want the fancy expensive stuff so we walked through Picadilly to Leicester Square (which I LOVE!!) to burger king – living the dream!! We had a mad dash back to the hotel for everyone to get changed, had some champers and played Mr and Mrs with Liz and Lloyd, who’d been filmed giving some very funny answers! I now know FAR too much about that couple now, and I’m sure his mum does too! Then it was off to the nightclub for dinner and dancing. We walked from our hotel just off Tower Bridge to Tower Gateway underground which was sadly(!) shut. I, however, was not sad, because I got to see THE TOWER OF LONDON!! Number one favourite place in London for me – I love the brickwork, the turrets, the moat, the bridge in the background, and all of the history. To think that King Henry 8th used to live there and Anne Boleyn got her head lopped off there – it’s awesome. I loved that walk! I loved walking through London all day!

However, back on topic… we had a little issue getting Lou into the restaurant because you had to get through the nightclub to get there, but it was fine in the end… we just pretended she was over 18 and got on with it haha. She got a bit upset and worried for a while but once she was in next to the cousins she relaxed so much, it was so good to see, and we all had a great night. Lots of dancing, wine, shots and photos… exactly what a good night should be! 1am was a bit too early to be going home though, and everyone was trying to make us stay over at the hotel with them but I think we did make the right decision in the end, it’s always nice to sleep at home knowing you don’t have to hurry out in the morning.

A wonderful night in the end – a little bit too much stressing my Marg but she did a great job, it was fabulous to spend the weekend with the in-laws to be on my own and we all had a great time! Very glad I went!


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