Posted by: xph03nix | May 27, 2014

Pinterest, printing, pinot…

Soooo I’m not tired so am enjoying a glass of wine and catching up on Neighbours (first time I’ve had the TV to myself in 2 weeks – lots and lots to watch!). I hope you’re not judging me because it’s 8.30am? I did just finish my 10 hour shift – technically it’s the evening for me?

Anyhoo… some FANTASTIC things I’ve found that every bride to be should have access to, especially if you’re planning on going a bit DIY on things…

Free Printables – a whole list of things you will need/want for your wedding that you DON’T HAVE TO DESIGN YOURSELF! Yes!! I’m a HUGE fan of the matchbox covers to go with the sparklers, and the bunting invite. Will definitely have to utilise those to avoid future arguments over a distinct lack of stationary interest/glueing/sticking skills!

Jack Bunney’s Suits – We’ve been trying forever to find a place where we can get vintage suits for the boys at a reasonable price. These may well not be a reasonable price, but they are pretty close to what we want and will certainly help when having a nose around town trying to get the right thing!

Real Wedding – Decs – just a little something I found and may have fallen in love with. The lights everywhere, the fabric draped all over the shop, they all work so well to create such fab decor. Love it. The flowers are STUNNING too. So many ideas!! I’ve been Pinteresting like crazy and bought 5m of lace too ready to practice on some jam jars to make candle and flower holders. Think I’ll get some hessian too ready to work on some table runners.

The American Wedding Guide – everyone should download this! I’ve made my own folder already and it’s slowly filling up, but this is fantastic! So thorough, and yes it’s American so perhaps got a few things in it that we don’t need, but it’s seriously good!!

I think that’s it for now but I’ll keep you all updated on all the other fab stuff I find! But for now, bed time… night folks!


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