Posted by: xph03nix | May 29, 2014

wedding bands!

We had to go into town today to do a few little jobs. Well, mainly to buy the second series of Game of Thrones on DVD ready for when I finish the book. It’s important, I tell ya!! Anyhoo, we were going past H. Samuel, where we went to look for rings the other week and wanted to check that the sale was definitely on this weekend and not last, as we suspected we may have missed it. HOWEVER, it turns out the sale STARTED today so we thought – why the heck not?! Let’s get our wedding bands!

It took a while umming and ahhing over the rings around. Originally we’d both been looking at getting plain white gold bands, but I decided in the end I quite fancied one with diamonds in it for a bit extra bling – I don’t normally wear anything too fancy so thought this might be a nice time to treat myself :] Also, my parents are being so incredibly kind and paying for our wedding for us with the proviso that we buy our own rings, so considering it’s the only thing we have to buy, why not get something fancy?!

So here I sit, ‘trying out’ a 9ct white gold eternity ring (didn’t like any of the wedding bands, this is much nicer!) with 11 channel-set diamonds helping show off the sparkle of my engagement ring in all it’s finery :] they compliment each other so well, and I am a huge fan. I may need to take it back though as I suspect it’s one size too big, hence the ‘trying out’. Jim’s ring can be picked up next Friday – a plain 9ct white gold 4mm band. And with 25% off diamond rings and 10% off all other rings, who can argue?! It may be over a year before the Big Day, but things are all coming together nicely, and I think if we can get as much done now as possible, then it can only make the run-up to the wedding easier, surely?!

Here’s hoping!


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