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So… he finally asked! I was surprised to say the least – I mean, it’s not like I’ve been nagging him for the past 6 years or so, is it?! Wowzers.

As the Guillemots say, “the best things come from nowhere…”

How did he do it, you ask? Down on one knee, of course. A gentleman to the last, that one. But really, I ought to have guessed when he ran off in Tesco to buy a bottle of Moet. “Mum said to buy Champagne, she has a mysterious announcement to make this weekend.” Pfft. I should have known then – I DID know then, but when there’s been so many opportunities over the last 8.5 years then you really stop believing it may happen. I even said at the till “are we getting engaged tonight or something?!” He’s a good secret keeper, I tell you. Had the ring in his pocket even then, the cheeky beggar. So yes. We came home and he wanted me to just relax and enjoy myself, but no, I insisted on doing more jobs around the house and went next door to borrow their lawnmower… and broke it. After a bit of drama where Jim shouted at me and I shouted at him, he suddenly stopped and turned all nice again. Hmm. And I’d still not twigged, you ask? Mad, I know. Until I remembered that he was making me a lovely dinner (Cheesy mustard chicken wrapped in bacon for me, steak for him and dauphinoise as a side – delicious!)… things started clicking into place. I thought perhaps I ought to go and get dressed in something fancy? Apparently not. Dinner over, I’m sent into the living room to watch Neighbours whilst he smokes, and then, 3 minutes in… there he is in the door, hands behind his back and a cheeky look on his face. A proposal flashes through my mind and then I think… don’t be daft. Turns out it’s not daft, it just got real. Jim bends the knee, brings out a Twister icecream from behind his back, with a beautiful ring stuck in the top, and asks if I’d do him the honour (do HIM the HONOUR?! I’m bloody honoured!) of being his wife. Jesus.


Now, at this point you may think I’d be up and crying and saying ‘YES!’ over and over. But I think I was in shock. You know when you’ve waited so long for something to happen and when it does you just can’t quite believe it? I think I looked at the ring and asked what exactly it was… and then tried to get my head around it with ‘REALLY? REALLY?! Oh my God.’ Poor chap’s legs must have been hurting by this point! He had to ask one more time before I replied with ‘Of course I will, you big wally!’ and life got a little greater. We drank Champagne in our wonderful conservatory; our house that we’ve worked so hard to make our home; and toasted a new chapter in our lives. Fantastic.


Then comes the phoning round to the family to let everyone know the fab news. Jim told his mum that there was to be a new Carney and she believe until his sister corrected her that I was pregnant, not joining the family myself – that nearly turned into a whole different kettle of fish on Facebook!

So now the fun times begin – time to get the show on the road with planning! Though apparently starting the night one gets engaged is perhaps too early to begin? All I know is it took me 4 hours to finish that episode of Neighbours, and we are one very happy couple :]

Here’s to the future!

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paranoia abounds

I haven’t had any time at all lately to post in here which is pretty pants. We’re currently on a 9-shift stint at work, though today is our last shift, woohoo! It will conclude just over 2 weeks of Roulette, which means we have a table test tomorrow which I am pretty scared about, but there’s not a lot I can do but try. Very much looking to my 2.5 days off though!

I’ve had an order from a friend to make a ‘Marvin the Paranoid Android’ for her, which I started a couple of days ago. He needs some work on the joins between the black and white wool but other than that I’m pretty pleased so far, just got some arms and legs to make and sew on and job’s a good’un :] I’ve decided to try and stop drinking on my own though for lent, so it feels a bit weird to be sat here without a glass of wine next to me whilst I cruise the net and crochet. Feels like something big is missing, but I’m not going to give up tonight. Oh, no. I can atleast make it one bloody night without giving in!

In other news, I totally won the race to buy a Blink182 poster this month. AND it’s one that I actually like and want! Winner. I kind of object to paying $10 more to get it shipped here than the actual poster cost, but it is a 1-of-182 screen-printed limited edition, so I am super excited. And yes, I shall also try and get one next month too 😀 Awesomes.

That’s all for now, I must go make me some late-night din dins and get on with my robot dude. See ya soon!

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workie work

Who knew passing chips was so hard?! Or that I’d ever need to know my 17 and 8 times tables?! Honestly. I’m exhausted. This thinking lark isn’t something I’m used to; I feel like my pinkie fingers have been dislocated from the rest of my hand; my fingers are way too short and I am not looking forward to the continued maths tests! BUT it is all good fun and I am enjoying learning new skills. Everyone on my training school is nice and it’s good knowing a few people there already. However I am finishing work at 9pm and Jim is going in at 11pm so we’re not going to see eachother much over the next couple of weeks. Oh well! All for a good cause :]

I’m off to the gym again tonight for the second time. Dunno what’s come over me but I actually enjoyed it last time I was there so here’s to hoping tonights session has the same effect! I also joined Love Film last night so I am soon going to waste away the few hours I have left in my days by watching naff films and carrying on with my crochet adventure :] Exciting! I’d better go straigten my hair and find out if my shirt is ironed enough… Laters!

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kent, london, new job. yay!

Well I had a lovely weekend away last week in Kent with the in laws. It was just what I needed to break the monotony of this awful January. We arrived at about 1am on Friday morning after leaving Plymouth after my interview at G Casino which ended at 7pm. I was tired and annoyed and the road we needed was shut so we ended up detouring past Southampton, which was even more annoying. Especially as we passed all these signs for places which seemed too far away for me to ever go to. And now I was there. Grr. Oh well! The weekend was spent drinking with friends, playing Pictionary with the kids, introducing them to geocaching and meeting the beautiful baby George, who I am a little bit in love with :]

We also went to London for a day which was awesome!! I freaking love London. Jim showed me the pub he used to live in and the houses before that, as well as where his parents met, his old schools and where he used to harass the river police by jumping over barges. Cheeky sausage! It was so nice to see where he grew up, can’t believe it’s taken us 6 years to get round to it! We walked to Butlers Wharf for lunch and then over Tower Bridge, round the Tower of London and got the tube to Westminster where we saw St Stephens Tower, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Then we wandered up past Downing Street, through Whitehall and to Trafalgar Square then Leicester Square and into Chinatown. I can’t believe how much we did in 4 hours! Woot. Loves it.

And now we are back in rubbish Plymouth. But it’s only rubbish because EVERYWHERE else in the darn country has snow, and we are still green as anything. And pretty warm sometimes, too. But I want snow. Grr. Oh well!

I start my training at the casino tomorrow – I got the job 😛 It’s my first ever proper full-time job so I expect to be knackered for a while, 40 hours a week is definately a foreign concept to me (not for lack of trying to get full time forever though) so we shall see! Should be interesting 😀

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I made this last night, and I’m pretty chuffed with it. I think perhaps it’s a bit too baggy at the back and perhaps too deep but I like it all the same. Didn’t take long either, the longest part was making the band. Boring! But I think it may be something to add to the list of things to sell…

Don’t I look moody?!

P.S. Sorry about the bad photos, they’re off my crappy iphone 3 camera. SOMEONE (not looking at you, Jim) sat on our camera. Hmph.

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P.S. today I scored an 8-letter word on countdown and I am extremely proud. Feeling like I should make some S-E-M-O-L-I-N-A now. perhaps. maybe. not.

woo yeah!!

P.P.S. I think the longest word I’ve got before that was ‘idiot’. And that was about two minutes before. I’m on a roll. Look out folks, I’ll be the proud owner of a leather bound, gold embossed 20-volume set of the OED before you know it.

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some pretty chuffin nice baby blankets :]

Turns out the mistake wasn’t in going to work to find out my shifts, it was actually believing that they wouldn’t cancel it. So. I’ve had an awful lot of time at home lately! I have spent the week making two blankets for some friends who are having babies. They’re due in April and May but I like to be prepared! I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out, actually. I even ventured into making some flowers to sew on – a Dianthus and a Geranium, though I prefer the Geranium I think. Here’s some photos:

I’ve been thinking a lot about turning this into a little bit of a business. I’ll never be able to sell things at a high enough price to make even minimum wage back on my time, as I’m just too slow at the moment – each of those blankets above took about 10 hours to make, so at min wage that’s £61 plus £8 for wool and I seriously doubt I’ll be able to sell them for £70. Oh well! The important thing is that it keeps me busy I guess! I’ve printed out a bunch of patterns today that I think would be quick to make up and people might like to buy. I’m going to just make things until either Autumn or next Spring and then go to a craft fair to sell them, but in the mean time I’ll visit a few crafty do’s first to see what’s going on :] Exciting!! Problem is I want it all done now and I can’t decide what to do first! It seems like there’s so much to get done if I want to make a proper go of it. I’ll get there!

I also have an interview at Jim’s casino on Thursday, it’s an open day for 25 people and then they’ll pick who they want to join the training school for croupiers, so hopefully I don’t totally fuck that up. Would be kick-ass to have a salary for once. Fingers crossed!!

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normally at the start of the year things seem so hopeful. I don’t think I’ve had that this year. I don’t know if it’s because I was working in new years eve or what, but it’s just not the same. I mean, I had this hopefulness for about two days when I applied for the job at the casino but that’s all gone now. but hmm. there’s been no ‘I will do this every day’ and actual belief in it. theres no certainty, even if it would have been misplaced anyway.


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tonights the kind of night…

I made the mistake of going to work earlier to find out next weeks shifts. I should say, shift. I have one. on Wednesday. gutted. ive even booked off a week starting the Wednesday after that to go to kent so im doing like 3 shifts in a whole freaking month. argh.

I have since had one of those evenings where u really don’t wanna do anything at all. i spent the first two hours literally just staring at nothing in a kind of silent panic. how do u pay the bills with three shifts a month?! I’m scared.

eventually this kind of useless depressed pit I was in turned itself around. strange how that happens. at first I became kind of lethargically active and began on a friends baby blanket, and when my mind was done with that (with it being about a third finished – winner) I put the laundry away and made a list of things to do tomorrow. I hope I’m still in this weird half-active-half-not here mood. it’s easier to do things this way I think. I mean, my jobs list involves things like painting my nails and sorting out the sock drawer. lame things. but at least at the end of the day I can look at it and feel like ive achieved something, no matter how small.

sometimes I think that’s all you need in life to keep you hopeful and pleased. a list, with something crossed out on it.

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an awful lot of crochet news. sorry!

Turns out the sleeve didn’t take long at all, and I managed to get them sewn on to the body of the jumper yesterday. Finished the yoke tonight and spent FOREVER sewing in ends. I swear I hate that part. Had to add a few rows to what I had planned to do so that the neckline wasn’t so gaping, though now it looks a little weird. The pattern is so it’s a turtle neck but I look silly in those, so whatever.

This is the outcome:

It’s a really bad picture as it’s like 1am and I am tired. But yeah.

I went to a friends house today to help her mum out with crocheting, actually. She didn’t understand the stitches she needed to make a flower, so we sat around doing that while Leanne knitted away her teddy bear’s head. Cute! My flower came out pretty impressive too so I am thinking I may do some motif kinda stuff soon. But first I have two baby blankets to make in pink – yay! – and Leanne and I also went to an awesome wool shop in Plympton which is just so cool. They have pretty much every type of wool you could want. I don’t know why these places only ever seem to have like 10 crochet patterns though and like 10000 for knitting. Annoying! I got one for another top though so I am going to try that in a lovely soft wool I bought in shades of browns, greens and reds. So lots of plans for crafts!

That’s about it, really. My shifts at work got cancelled as it’s so quite so I’ve not done much else other than make stuff. I’m going to go out geocaching tomorrow though if I can find the kick up the arse that I need.

Have fun people!

P.S. How awesome is my iphone cover?!

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