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wedding bands!

We had to go into town today to do a few little jobs. Well, mainly to buy the second series of Game of Thrones on DVD ready for when I finish the book. It’s important, I tell ya!! Anyhoo, we were going past H. Samuel, where we went to look for rings the other week and wanted to check that the sale was definitely on this weekend and not last, as we suspected we may have missed it. HOWEVER, it turns out the sale STARTED today so we thought – why the heck not?! Let’s get our wedding bands!

It took a while umming and ahhing over the rings around. Originally we’d both been looking at getting plain white gold bands, but I decided in the end I quite fancied one with diamonds in it for a bit extra bling – I don’t normally wear anything too fancy so thought this might be a nice time to treat myself :] Also, my parents are being so incredibly kind and paying for our wedding for us with the proviso that we buy our own rings, so considering it’s the only thing we have to buy, why not get something fancy?!

So here I sit, ‘trying out’ a 9ct white gold eternity ring (didn’t like any of the wedding bands, this is much nicer!) with 11 channel-set diamonds helping show off the sparkle of my engagement ring in all it’s finery :] they compliment each other so well, and I am a huge fan. I may need to take it back though as I suspect it’s one size too big, hence the ‘trying out’. Jim’s ring can be picked up next Friday – a plain 9ct white gold 4mm band. And with 25% off diamond rings and 10% off all other rings, who can argue?! It may be over a year before the Big Day, but things are all coming together nicely, and I think if we can get as much done now as possible, then it can only make the run-up to the wedding easier, surely?!

Here’s hoping!

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I just found these that I want…

Irregular Choice Shoes

I think they’re a bit expensive at £80, but Jim says that’s alright, so…

Off I trot to buy buy buy!! 😀

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dress number two is here!

I didn’t get to bed til after 8am this morning so when the postman came I was clearly zonko’d. Jim threw a parcel at my head when it arrived and I thought about getting excited but rolled over to sleep a bit more instead. My second wedding dress had arrived!! And so, when I did finally get up, first thing I did of course was make sure Jim was busy digging in the garden and tried that bad boy on! Ultimately, I have to say I was disappointed. Even though I sent them my measurements, the lace sleeves were way too tight, and the bust was really high up and big. Also, the neckline is a bit too ‘mumsy’ for my liking, and I can’t quite work out if it’s white or ivory?! However, I had a good look whilst it was on and I think these issues can be addressed. I just really thought this would be the one I’d fall in love with, and I’m a bit pissed off that I didn’t. Boo. But I will not give up! I plan to go to a seamstress next week with both dresses and see what ideas she can come up with for improvements and to help make it more of what I’d like. I know one of these two dresses can be the one I want, they just need a few changes!

Positivity is the key!

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Pinterest, printing, pinot…

Soooo I’m not tired so am enjoying a glass of wine and catching up on Neighbours (first time I’ve had the TV to myself in 2 weeks – lots and lots to watch!). I hope you’re not judging me because it’s 8.30am? I did just finish my 10 hour shift – technically it’s the evening for me?

Anyhoo… some FANTASTIC things I’ve found that every bride to be should have access to, especially if you’re planning on going a bit DIY on things…

Free Printables – a whole list of things you will need/want for your wedding that you DON’T HAVE TO DESIGN YOURSELF! Yes!! I’m a HUGE fan of the matchbox covers to go with the sparklers, and the bunting invite. Will definitely have to utilise those to avoid future arguments over a distinct lack of stationary interest/glueing/sticking skills!

Jack Bunney’s Suits – We’ve been trying forever to find a place where we can get vintage suits for the boys at a reasonable price. These may well not be a reasonable price, but they are pretty close to what we want and will certainly help when having a nose around town trying to get the right thing!

Real Wedding – Decs – just a little something I found and may have fallen in love with. The lights everywhere, the fabric draped all over the shop, they all work so well to create such fab decor. Love it. The flowers are STUNNING too. So many ideas!! I’ve been Pinteresting like crazy and bought 5m of lace too ready to practice on some jam jars to make candle and flower holders. Think I’ll get some hessian too ready to work on some table runners.

The American Wedding Guide – everyone should download this! I’ve made my own folder already and it’s slowly filling up, but this is fantastic! So thorough, and yes it’s American so perhaps got a few things in it that we don’t need, but it’s seriously good!!

I think that’s it for now but I’ll keep you all updated on all the other fab stuff I find! But for now, bed time… night folks!

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Liz’s hen do was great!! We all thought we’d be absolutely smashed by about 5pm but we took it steady. Myself, Kate, Lou and Theresa made it to Victoria Station in time to realise that half of London was also there trying to get to the Arsenal/ Hull game at Wembley and getting the underground was no option. We tried to get a bus to Picadilly but there was a protest going on somewhere so they weren’t running, so (horror of horrors) we had to walk. I LOVE walking in London!! And especially this route – I didn’t know it’d be so perfect!! Theresa was worried it would be too long but we had to go past Buckingham Palace, through Green Park, past The Ritz and along to Picadilly Square and it only took 27 mins!! How fab is that! I freaking love London!!


So… we got to a bar called the Jewel Bar in Picadilly and met up with everyone, then first was a cocktail making class in Picadilly and we had a ‘Roberto’ on arrival which tasted of almonds, so not a massive fan. Then we did races and competions to make a selection of cocktails the fastest. 10271547_10154153858635529_442342842222907436_n


10302696_10154153858380529_4822422071176073808_nLouise and I had to make a Long Island Iced Tea together with her blind folded and stood behind me, arms through mine and me directing her to the bottles, ice and spirits. Nearly ended with a cocktail chucked all over me, but we beat Kate and Val and won the nice shot at the end of it, not the cinnamon and whiskey, ew! We had to drink our shot with no hands, which considering Lou is only 14 and has never done a shot before, was quite funny! Don’t think Jim’s too pleased I’m corrupting his sister 😉

—> video of us making said cocktail! <—


10329135_10154153857740529_7730631680426585393_nWe also did a mojito race where everything we needed was on a table in the bar area and our teams had to pass it all down to us in the right order, once the cocktail was made we had to pass it back with everyone drinking some. The first cocktail to be finished won! I made mine fastest but we didnt drink it quick enough so we lost – very shocking!!

We then moved on to the Ice Bar round the corner which was FREEZING!! 10291054_10154153856305529_5016932143047981991_n i put my ice glass on the ice table whilst i sat on the ice bench and it bleddy slid off!! Luckily Val wasn’t drinking so I had her mojito, but grr! We had a spot of lunch after but Lou and I didn’t want the fancy expensive stuff so we walked through Picadilly to Leicester Square (which I LOVE!!) to burger king – living the dream!! We had a mad dash back to the hotel for everyone to get changed, had some champers and played Mr and Mrs with Liz and Lloyd, who’d been filmed giving some very funny answers! I now know FAR too much about that couple now, and I’m sure his mum does too! Then it was off to the nightclub for dinner and dancing. We walked from our hotel just off Tower Bridge to Tower Gateway underground which was sadly(!) shut. I, however, was not sad, because I got to see THE TOWER OF LONDON!! Number one favourite place in London for me – I love the brickwork, the turrets, the moat, the bridge in the background, and all of the history. To think that King Henry 8th used to live there and Anne Boleyn got her head lopped off there – it’s awesome. I loved that walk! I loved walking through London all day!

However, back on topic… we had a little issue getting Lou into the restaurant because you had to get through the nightclub to get there, but it was fine in the end… we just pretended she was over 18 and got on with it haha. She got a bit upset and worried for a while but once she was in next to the cousins she relaxed so much, it was so good to see, and we all had a great night. Lots of dancing, wine, shots and photos… exactly what a good night should be! 1am was a bit too early to be going home though, and everyone was trying to make us stay over at the hotel with them but I think we did make the right decision in the end, it’s always nice to sleep at home knowing you don’t have to hurry out in the morning.

A wonderful night in the end – a little bit too much stressing my Marg but she did a great job, it was fabulous to spend the weekend with the in-laws to be on my own and we all had a great time! Very glad I went!

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hen do…

I drove the 260 miles from Plymouth to Rochester today all on my own, which to be fair was quite entertaining – 1 Angels and Airwaves, 3 Blink 182, 1 Meatloaf and 1 Muse album later and I made it safely! Definitely a collection of music that Jim wouldn’t have allowed all of the way! Tomorrow is Jim’s cousin Liz’s Hen do. We’re off to London in the morning for a Cocktail making class, then to the Ice Bar and then dinner in a nightclub before dancinggggggg! Though we have to get the train home and I’m not sure Louise is actually allowed in the nightclub part of the ‘restaurant’ so I don’t know when we’ll be leaving, but I am looking forward to it. Though with the bad back I’ve been having and the 4 hours of sleep starting at 6am each day, we’ll see how I feel tomorrow! Hoping it’s much better.

I showed Kate and Lou my wedding dress #1 and they both liked it but I still think #2 may be the better option – can’t wait for it to arrive 😀 eek. Jim got a bit annoyed earlier at me because he thinks I’m wasting money buying a couple of each thing, but to be honest if I can get 2 wedding dresses for less than £100 all together and jewellery sets for £5 each from China then why shouldn’t I buy a couple to be sure of the ones I like best?! I’m sure he’d like that better than spending £2,500 on a wedding dress alone! I’ve been really enjoying the wedding chat, all about mine and Liz’s – it’s so nice to hear the different ideas and plans going on that it’s giving me so many things to think about! Must really remember to write some down…

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save the date…

Went to see the Murphinator today for a catch up and to show off wedding dress number one. It’s weird sitting round in it and getting a feel for it. A wedding dress is like the ultimate piece of clothing for a woman and even though I was never that girly girl that dreamed of her princess wedding when I was younger, it still seems to hold some sense of poignancy for me. She did tell me off for trying to drink my apple and blackcurrant squash in it though just incase I chucked it everywhere! (Quite likely for me, to be honest.)

It was a lovely time talking of babies and weddings and all the exciting things that are happening for the both of us. Her nursery is GORGEOUS and she is getting much bigger now, with only 4 weeks to go… eek! Can’t wait to meet the baby 😀

But now I am home alone waiting for Jim’s return at 4am, and I am working on making some Save The Date cards. I have an idea in my mind of how I want them to look, and have had the twine and washi tape out doing a practice run but getting them so they can be printed properly is turning into a bit of a nightmare. Also, who knew font was such a difficult thing to decide on?! Argh! I shall persevere and no doubt get nowhere… will let you know!

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it’s a date!

There’s a girl at work who is getting married on my chosen wedding date.

So we’ve been talking about getting married forever now, and I said to Jim (last summer?) that we should get married in June because we need to being back June as a happy month. Basically, his brother sadly passed away on June 23rd 2006, my grandmother passed away on June 20th 2009 and Jim’s dad on June 28th 2013. So we shall reclaim it as a happy month! And as our anniversary is 20th October, what better date to get married on than 20th June 2015? And he proposed with this in mind (apparently!). He thinks I said I’d need a year to plan a wedding (I’m quite sure I said 18 months atleast, but either way I think we can just aboout manage it ;] ) So instead I have 14 months to plan our wedding on the bestest date we could possibly have! Should be fine!

But no. No. She beat us to it by a couple of months. And rather than usurp her and get married a week before, we have chosen a week after. So June 27th is it! So exciting to actually have a date chosen! I mean, we still need to hear back from the church and venue to confirm they’re available but other than that it’s sorted!

Crap. This might actually be happening…

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the ‘rents are here!

Barnyard came visiting today! And the lovely parents, of course, but I can’t talk to Barney on the phone like I can to them, can I?! They got all excited over the ring (well, mum did… a bit) and congratulated us… very exciting to see them and swap ideas and be happy!! Woot. We went out to Ham Woods to do some geocaching, and of course dad (who doesn’t cache) found the first. Boo! Got 5 in the end I think, can’t complain! We went to The Ferryhouse Inn for a couple pints on the way home and got chatting wedding. Well, it is why we were there in the first place, I suppose! I did email mum last week saying she was overwhelming me a bit about her ideas and thoughts and everything. I think what with having to go to work and other things going on it was just a bit too much hearing so much all at once. Maybe things will slow down and chill out in a couple weeks but right now there’s just so much going on in my life other than wedding, when wedding is all I want to think about, and I can’t cope. Argh!
So I might have snapped when she asked why we need so many ushers (because Jim wants them!) and why we don’t need to go to a proper cheese shop to get a savoury cheese cake (because they do wheels of cheese much cheaper in the supermarket) but to be fair I’m in a whole new area of knowledge that I’ve never been in before and it’s a bit daunting. Hoping things will even out soon and we can talk without me being too overcome…


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family time!

The In-Laws came up from Kent on Friday – Kate, Lou and Luke staying with us with Ralph, and John and Theresa were staying in a caravan up on Dartmoor, which was bleddy lush I might add! Such a fab week just relaxing and enjoying being ENGAGED!! I went to work on Friday night and as soon as I saw Frank, who has been waiting for months to hear the news (who hasn’t?!) I pointed to my ring and shouted over to him. Woohoo! Been getting lots and lots of congrats all week, whilst Jim’s mostly being told he took his sweeeeeet time!! Well I suppose he had to be sure!

So the famalam all got excited over my lovely ring, we celebrated muchly and I mostly spent Friday trying to get into contact with the vicar at my local church. I’ve always known it’ll be where I’ll get married and now I can’t get it organised quick enough! I also emailed the bloke who is in charge of organise bookings for the local village hall in the hope we can hold our reception there but it took FOREVER for everyone to get back to me. Ah well. I now know that the hall is definitely available and as soon as I hear from the vicar it’ll be booked for us – so exciting! I think because we’ve been together for so long I’ve been able to get a lot of ideas together as to how I’d like the wedding to be and where to have it so actually this organisation lark so far has not been too bad. Is it too soon though to have both the church and venue already provisionally booked? Eek.

Mum’s been on Pinterest getting ideas together and emailing me lots of things about  it – she’s the same, I guess, waited so long for this to happen that we’re all bursting with ideas!! I think it may well be getting a bit much though, I’m feeling a lil bit overwhelmed at the moment. Think I may have forgotten to just sit and enjoy being engaged, oops. Ah well. So the Carney’s have gone home now after a wonderful week of walking the moor’s, playing golf, visiting the Hoe and ‘hanging’ out at the Fair, and pubbage. Mum and Dad are staying with Pum for a few days from tomorrow and then we’ll have a catch up on Monday and talk weddinggggggggg! woot.

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